Raskol'nikov is a project born in 2010, whose aim is to explore the interaction between sound and figurative representation in its most "primitive" sense. In Raskol'nikov's work there is a strong esoteric imprint oriented towards the investigation of ancient spiritual traditions, according to which sound is the best medium to explore the depths of human subconscious and to handle the images that are given birth by it. The name of the project comes from the main character of Dostojevski's "Crime and Punishment": a figure in which the man-world laceration and the contrast between the instinctive and visceral approach and the dictates of society are uttered. This visceral approach is what Raskol'nikov has always tried to adopt towards its work and this is why the bowels, as the core of an instinctive feeling disconnected from the conceptual cages of the human mind, become the symbol of a primitive rediscovery of the spiritual roots of man. Raskol'nikov is a project in continuous evolution, without a precise goal and with no predetermined arrival. It's a vehicle of investigation sometimes launched at full speed towards the unknown, sometimes slowly driven into the labyrinth of the man-world and world-man relationship. Within this relationship Raskol'nikov wanders as a lonely traveler, collecting cues and disseminating fragments of a story whose traces remain suspended in the air.